Call for applications Hg VERTIKAL 2021


Hg zavod za šport Idrija

Competition leader:

Jure Gantar

Place and time:

Idrija, 20 August 2021, with start (at the Town Square) for CHILDREN at 18:00, for ADULTS at 19:00.


Vzpon, vertikal

Competition mode:

A group start is foreseen. We will organize the competitions beginning with the recommendations and regulations of the National Institute of Public Health in force on the day of the event.

Track lengths:

  • Hg VERTIKAL – 2,45 km, + 495 m
  • Hg VERTIKAL otroci – 0,86 km, + 140 m



M1 1992 and younger
M2 1991 till 1985
M3 1984 till 1978
M4 1977 till 1971
M5 1970 till 1964
M6 1963 till 1951
M7 1955 and older


W1 1996 in mlajše
W2 1995 do 1987
W3 1986 do 1980
W4 1979 do 1973
W5 1972 do 1965
W6 1964 in starejše


Mlajši DEČKI 2009 in mlajši
Mlajše DEKLICE 2009 in mlajše
Starejši DEČKI 2006 do 2008
Starejše DEKLICE 2006 do 2008

If there are fewer than three (3) participants in a category, we reserve the right to merge categories.

If a minor enters the Competition, the minor’s parent/guardian has to sign the entry form, responsible for the child’s safety and health. In addition, all participants must have their entry fee receipt and identity document with them when collecting their starting number.


Pre-registrations get accepted until Friday, 6 August 2021, via the portal.

Everyone with a paid entry fee in the PRE-ORDER will receive an organizer’s T-shirt and a practical gift.
On the day of the event, registrations are possible at least one (1) hour before the event at the City Square in
Idrija. The exact timing will get announced at a later date.

Entry fee in ADVANCE:

  • Hg VERTIKAL children 5 €
  • Hg VERTIKAL adults 10 €

Entry fee on the DAY OF THE EVENT:

  • Hg VERTIKAL children 5 €
  • Hg VERTIKAL adults 10 €

The entry fee is payable to the organizer, Hg zavod za šport Idrija, 30 Zmage Street, 5280, Idrija, IBAN opened at SKB d.d SI56 0311 9100 0255 215, with the indication – Purpose: “NAME AND COMPETITOR’S SURNAME” entry fee Hg VERTIKAL 2021. The entry fee is confirmed and final when payment is received.

Start numbers:

You can collect start numbers on the day of the event one (1) hour before starting at the Town Square.


The top three overall winners of the men, women, and children category will receive trophies for each distance. In addition, all children receive valuable prizes.

Refreshment stands:

The organizer will provide one refreshment at the halfway point (drinks only) and one drink at the finish.

Markings on the track:

The course will be marked with ribbons.


The route is mainly paved mountain paths and macadam, with some asphalt and concrete steps. The trail follows the shortest possible route between the Town Square and the Podobnik Farm (children’s category) or the transmitter on Kobalovo Planino (adult category).

Transport of equipment and competitors:

We will organize equipment transportation from start to finish (to the transmitter on Kobalovo Planino). After the end of the competition, it will also be possible to transport the competitors to the starting point.

Announcement of results:

After the competition in Town Square.


The assigned security service ensures safety. There will be a GRZS(Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia) on a specific route and medical assistance at the finish line.

There is no particular security with assigned security personal on some sections where all participants must obey any road traffic rules as they usually would do.

By signing the entry form, all participants acknowledge that they are familiar with the Competition Rules published on the organizer’s website. All those who do not have access to the Internet must inform the organizer at least ten days before the event to send them the Rules to their address in writing. By signing the entry form, each participant guarantees that he/she is in such a state of health that he/she can complete the specified routes of the event for which he/she has entered without any health complications or injuries. By signing the entry form, all participants agree that they are competing at their own risk and not at the risk of the organiser who has invited them to this event.

Competition rules:

The rules of the competition are published on the organiser’s website


The Organiser of this Competition shall have the right, in case of force majeure, to modify the content of this Notice of Competition or, in case of extreme emergency, to cancel the Competition and act as set out in the Competition Rules.


Jure Gantar, gsm +386 51 440 557,
Klara GANTAR, +386 31 333 901


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